Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin Treatments

At Allure Plastics, we offer several different types of laser skin treatments that all serve different purposes. For those who are less familiar with the procedures available in modern laser treatments, we can help by giving you the run-down of what they are and what they can do for you and your skin.

At Allure Plastics, we offer multiple laser skin treatments that can yield optimal results.

Skin Resurfacing is a laser skin treatment for those who have wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes and mouth. It can also help reduce the look of shallow scars from acne. The lasers vaporize skin cells that are damaged at the surface of the skin. Many patients reach a desired outcome after just one treatment, but the total number of treatments needed will be dependent on your allowable downtime.

Skin tightening is a laser skin treatment that firms the skin for a more youthful end result. The procedure uses an energy source that heats the skin and soft tissue. It is one of the most rapidly growing skin treatments in the cosmetic market today because it is both non-invasive and extremely effective. Most patients notice a difference in the appearance of their skin after only one treatment, but it is necessary to continue a series of treatments (4-6 recommended) for the best outcome.

Forever Young BBL, also known as broad band light, may be a term you are less familiar with. This is a skin treatment that uses light energy to heat the upper layers of the skin to remove photodamage and visible signs of aging. With regular BBL treatments, gene expression can be restored, resulting in your skin behaving like youthful skin again. This skin treatment is beneficial for those who suffer from the damaging effects of sunlight. Optimal results of broad band light are achieved typically with 3-4 treatments per year. No downtime is required with this treatment!

Halo Laser Treatments are a hybrid fractional laser skin treatment that combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal that gives great results with minimum downtime. This type of treatment benefits patients with enlarged pores, scars, skin discoloration, fine lines, deep wrinkles and more.

To learn more about the laser skin treatments available at Allure Plastics, schedule a consultation with Dr. Walker. You can also call us at 769-300-2946 to schedule an appointment. Individual results may vary.

2 thoughts on “Laser Skin Treatments

  1. Roslyn

    I have been researching the Revlite Rejuvenation process for a while now and would like to find out more about it. I have a huge birthmark on my face that I would like removed or lightened.

    1. W. Bryant Walker, MD

      The Revlite treatment uses a wavelength of light to target pigment in the skin. I do not have that particular laser. I use Halo and BBL (or a combination) to address pigmentation concerns and have had excellent results. Please give us a call if you would like to schedule a consultation. 769-300-2946.


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