Breast Augmentation Cost Jackson MS

Breast Augmentation Cost Jackson MS

Breast Augmentation Cost in Jackson MS will vary depending on a variety of factors.  The cost associated with breast augmentation can be broken down into the following:

1. Surgeon Fee:  this is the price a particular surgeon will charge based on what they believe to be the worth of their services.  This includes time spent in training, their experience, the overhead costs (clinic time, nurses, administrative staff, etc).  This includes the consultation process, operative planning, and the postoperative visits as well.

2. Facility fees: whether your surgery occurs in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital, there will be facility fees associated with your surgery.  This will cover staff charges (nurses, OR techs, etc), the cost of supplies for operating room, use of operating room and other hospital charges.

3. Anesthesia charges: this includes the cost of your preoperative evaluation as well as your anesthesia care on the day of your operation, medications, lines/tubes.

4. Implant cost: this will vary depending on manufacturing company and type of implant chosen (saline vs silicone, round vs anatomic shape, etc).  This often will be included in the facility fees but sometimes will be ordered directly through the surgeon’s office for use on the day of operation.

Nationally, the average cost for breast augmentation is $3,678, which does not include facility fees and anesthesia charges referenced above.  This is fairly consistent with the average breast augmentation cost in Jackson MS.

Many individuals will inquire about financing for cosmetic surgery.  At Allure Plastics, we have financing available through medloan finance ( and care credit (

If you are interested in breast augmentation in Jackson, MS to enhance the appearance of your breasts, please call our office 769-300-2946 and schedule a consultation today.  Formal quotes on breast augmentation cost will be provided at the time of consultation.  For more information on breast augmentation in Jackson, MS, please visit Individual results may vary.


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