Breast Augmentation Recovery



What is recovery like after breast augmentation?


For many, the idea of breast augmentation surgery can be scary and daunting. The thought of the recovery process alone can add in extra fears for those considering this operation, especially for those who aren’t fully informed about the results. To give you a better idea of what to expect during the recovery period after a breast augmentation, we’ve answered some common questions patients have on the topic.


What is the average recovery period for breast augmentation surgery?

The average recovery time varies for each patient. The greatest period of discomfort usually lasts no longer than a few days after surgery. It is common for implants to appear to be too full or too high in the upper part of the breasts for the first few months of recovery, and this is more common in smaller fit women. The rate at which they settle varies from person to person and even between left and right sides in the same individual.  Most patients head back to work within just one week of surgery (and some return after a long weekend).


How long should a patient wait to start doing physical activities?

Most doctors typically recommend three to four weeks before starting cardio workouts again. Upper extremity workouts should be delayed for approximately six to eight weeks if possible after their surgery. For the most part, your body will let you know when you’re ready to be physically active again.


What types of things should a patient avoid after a breast augmentation?

It’s important for patients to avoid wearing underwire bras for at least two months, or until the implants have completely settled. Patients should also avoid swimming for at least one month and any sort of pectoral exercises until they feel comfortable enough to do so.


What are some things that can significantly help the recovery process?

If you’re looking to cut down your recovery time, there are a few things that can help during the process. First and foremost, medications (muscle relaxants) can be a major help with decreasing muscle spasm pain associated with placing implants underneath the muscle. There are also implant displacement massage techniques that can help shape the pocket and encourage the implant to settle if needed. It also helps to wear a surgical or sports bra (without underwire) while the breasts are healing.


Knowing the facts about recovery can help ease your mind before going in for surgery. If you have any specific questions before making a decision about breast augmentation surgery, you can contact us for a consultation at 769-300-2946 or Individual results may vary.






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