Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast enhancement surgery (breast augmentation)  is performed as an outpatient procedure and is well tolerated by most individuals. The procedure first requires making a small skin incision. This can be around the areola, in the axilla (arm pit), or in the fold underneath the breast. Some surgeons may also perform this through an incision in the umbilicus (belly button). 

Following the skin incision, a pocket in which the implant will be placed is created. This pocket may be under the breast tissue itself or may be under the pectoralis muscle. The choice for implant placement in the breast enhancement surgery depends on a variety of factors including the individual’s anatomy, the desired look or outcome, and the preference of the surgeon. 

The selected breast implant, which may be saline or silicone based on the individual’s preference, is then placed into this pocket.  The tissue and skin overlying the implant are then closed with sutures. 

For more information on breast enhancement surgery, visit where you will find more answers to frequently asked questions and an educational video about breast enhancement surgery.  You may also visit for more information from the ASPS.

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