Breast Lift and Future Pregnancy



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Breast Lift and Future Pregnancy


The breast lift procedure, also known as mastopexy, corrects the sagging appearance of breasts, usually after weight loss, age, or pregnancy. It involves the planning and placement of the skin incisions to provide a desirable aesthetic appearance to the breasts.


Women who choose to have a breast lift must think not only about what comes before and during a procedure, but also how it may affect them afterwards. Common questions women have for surgeons before undergoing a breast lift or related surgery is in regards to ability to breast feed or if their breast lift results will be affected by pregnancy.


If you are considering a breast lift, it may be best to have the procedure done after you are finished having children. This will help ensure optimal and long-term results. If you do become pregnant after receiving a breast lift, the pregnancy may have a negative effect on your results. Since every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy, it is not possible to predict exactly how a patient’s breast appearance will change.


If you are not sure whether or not you would like to have children but are considering a breast lift, there are some important things to consider.  Pregnancy can lead to deflated breasts, stretch marks, and additional sagging of the breasts. If you do get pregnant after a breast lift, a second surgery may be needed in order to get the best results. Breast lift surgery can also alter your ability to breastfeed.  It is important to speak with your plastic surgeon to discuss all of your options.


When performed by an experienced and professional cosmetic surgeon, a breast lift is a safe and effective procedure that yields long-term results. To find out more about the breast lift procedure at Allure Plastics, click here.


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