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Buttock Reshaping

What is buttock reshaping?

Buttock reshaping (also known as gluteal augmentation, gluteal sculpting or Brazilian Butt Lift) is a term that applies to the use of a variety of surgical techniques that are aimed at producing a desired aesthetic appearance to the buttocks. Techniques used may include fat grafting or transfer, liposuction, placement of implants, a buttock lift or other excisional techniques. The ultimate goal is to sculpt the buttocks and surrounding areas to help you achieve your desired buttocks shape and appearance.

Is buttock reshaping for me?

Buttock reshaping is an excellent procedural choice for those who wish to improve the contour and the overall aesthetic appearance of their buttocks. Some may require liposuction and fat grafting alone, while others may require the use of multiple techniques to shape the buttocks and improve balance.

Many individuals seeking buttock reshaping do so following massive weight loss, which results in a flattened, deflated appearance to the buttocks.  This typically will require excisional techniques to lift the buttocks as well as augmentation using fat grafting or implants to restore volume and restore shape.

Other individuals may simply be thin and desire improvements in their body contour and balance. Gluteal augmentation and/or fat grafting may be required to give them the curves that they desire. The amount of fat required will vary depending on the individual’s desired size and shape.

Whatever the cause, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your buttock contour and have realistic goals and expectations, buttock reshaping may be right for you. Please call our office at Allure Plastics today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Walker and learn how buttock reshaping can help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

Who is not a candidate for a buttock reshaping?

While buttock reshaping is a safe procedure for healthy individuals with appropriate goals and expectations, there are some conditions that can increase your potential for a poor outcome.  These include:

  • smoking
  • bleeding or clotting disorders