Your Guide to Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery

What is ear surgery?

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the ears. Most commonly this is done to correct protruding or prominent ears, but otoplasty may be used to alter size, proportion or shape of the ears to produce a balanced, proportionate appearance of the entire face.

Is ear surgery for me?

Ear surgery is an excellent choice for those who are bothered by the shape, size or prominence of their ears. These abnormalities may be present at birth or they may be acquired as a result of trauma or other injury to the ear. Ear surgery, or otoplasty may be used to correct:

  • prominent or protruding ears
  • overly large ears
  • ear deformities resulting from injury

Whatever your individual concerns, if you are in good health and have realistic expectations, eyelid surgery may be an excellent choice for you. Call Allure Plastics today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Walker and see how ear surgery can improve the appearance of your ears and restore balance to your face.

Who is not a candidate for ear surgery?

While ear surgery is an excellent procedure for healthy individuals with appropriate expectations, there are some conditions that can increase your potential for a less-than-desirable outcome. These include:

  • age younger than 5 years
  • inability to follow postoperative instructions
  • bleeding or clotting disorders
  • anticoagulation or antiplatelet medications such as Coumadin, Plavix or aspirin
  • poorly controlled blood pressure
  • conditions that result in poor wound healing capability
  • smoking
  • unrealistic expectations

Can you tell me more about the ear surgery procedure?

Ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia and generally ta