Your Guide to Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Congratulations on being a mommy! Being a mother or father is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and cannot be replaced by anything.

Unfortunately, the process by which these joyous little creatures come into our lives is not without sacrifice, particularly with regards to the effects on the mother’s body. During pregnancy and the breast feeding time period, the breasts change size rapidly and stretch the skin, only to decrease in size and lose volume following the cessation of breast feeding. This takes a toll on the appearance of the breasts, leaving many women with a flattened, stretched out appearance to their breasts that does not resemble the youthful contour that they remember from the pre-pregnancy period.

Changes in abdominal contour also occur as a result of pregnancy. Enlargement of the uterus during pregnancy stretches the muscles of the abdominal wall, and weight gain during pregnancy stretches the skin. Fat distribution can be less than ideal. After these stresses to the abdominal wall have occurred, a woman can be left with a “pooch” that will not respond to diet and exercise.

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures that will address the changes that have taken place in a woman’s body as a result of previous pregnancy. Although the changes that occur following pregnancy are natural and expected consequences of pregnancy, it often leaves a mother unhappy with the appearance of her body. Techniques used to address these concerns may include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift with or without implant placement, liposuction, thigh lift or buttocks reshaping. Your individual anatomy and goals with surgery will dictate what procedures we will need to include to address your concerns and give you back the body you desire.

Is a Mommy Makeover for me?

A mommy makeover is an excellent choice for a woman who is unhappy with the changes in her body following pregnancy and desires restoration of her pre-pregnancy youthful contour.

Women who are good candidates for a Mommy Makeover are in good health and have realistic expectations with desired outcomes from surgery. Those who are planning future pregnancy should postpone a Mommy Makeover until she is no longer planning on future pregnancy.

Those who are actively losing weight should continue to do so until they have achieved their weight loss goals. The results from the tummy tuck portion of a mommy makeover will be much better if weight loss has been achieved and weight is no longer fluctuating. Neither the tummy tuck nor liposuction involved in a mommy makeover is a substitute for weight loss.

Breast changes that occur may be related to volume loss, sagging skin, flattened appearance of breast, or descent of the nipple position. Breast augmentation, breast lift, or a combination of the two can help restore a youthful contour and appearance to the breasts.

Women who are planning future pregnancy should postpone a Mommy Makeover until a time when she is no longer planning future pregnancy.

If you are unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of your body that has resulted from previous pregnancy, and you desire a Mommy Makeover, call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Walker at Allure Plastics today and learn how a Mommy Makeover can help you restore your body to a pre-pregnancy appearance!

Who is not a candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

While a Mommy Makeover is an excellent option for healthy individuals with appropriate expectations, there are some conditions that can increase your potential for a poor outcome. These include:

  • smoking
  • bleeding or clotting disorders
  • conditions which result in poor wound healing capability
  • history of keloid scarring
  • continued fluctuations in weight
  • unrealistic expectations
  • women planning future pregnancy
  • extensive previous abdominal surgery

Can you tell me more about the Mommy Makeover procedure?

Multiple procedures may be involved in a Mommy Makeover to obtain the desired results. After in depth conversation about your individual goals with surgery, we will design an operative plan appropriate for you. Descriptions of breast augmentation, breast lift with or without implant placement, and tummy tuck procedures are described in detail under our procedure pages. Please refer to each individual procedure for further discussion.

What should I expect in the recovery period after a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is well tolerated by the vast majority of patients. Pain is moderate and is well controlled by oral medications. Most patients will go home the same day.

Prescriptions will include oral medications for pain and nausea (which is a common occurrence after general anesthesia), and will include an antibiotic. The antibiotic will be continued until all drains that assist with draining excess fluid, are removed. In addition, if an implant is placed under the muscle to augment the size of breasts, you will also be given a muscle relaxant.

You will need to start walking the day of surgery and should walk multiple times each day following your surgery. This will help prevent blood clots from forming. For the first few days following the operation, you will need to walk slightly bent over to avoid putting excess stress on the incision line.

The small drains that are used will be removed as soon as fluid production is minimal. Most individuals will have their drains removed within the first 2 weeks following operation. There are generally no sutures to be removed as Dr. Walker uses absorbable sutures that are buried beneath the skin.

Strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for the first 6-8 weeks following a Mommy Makeover. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment during this time period, which will both help control swelling and support the abdominal wall as it heals.

You will also be asked to wear a supportive bra during the recovery period, which will both help control swelling and support the breasts as they heal. This bra will need to be worn 24 hours per day for the first month. In addition, if implants are placed to restore volume to the breasts, you will be instructed on the implant manipulation exercises that will need to be performed. While simple and requiring only a small amount of time, these exercises are extremely important to your long-term results and avoidance of complications such as capsular contracture.

What results are expected from a Mommy Makeover?*

Following a Mommy Makeover, you should expect to see improved contour in all areas addressed. You should see a flatter, firmer abdomen with an improved contour in the waistline. Any bulging in the midline of the abdomen will be corrected. The belly button (umbilicus) will also have an improved aesthetic appearance. The breast contour will be fuller and more youthful and nipples will be in a more aesthetically pleasing location.

Results of a Mommy Makeover are permanent, but individual fluctuations in weight and normal aging may alter your long term results. 

*Individual results may vary

Is a Mommy Makeover safe?

Mommy Makeovers are very common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. During your consultation, Dr. Walker will perform a detailed history and physical exam. We will identify factors that may cause your risk of surgery to be increased, and together will formulate a plan to help you achieve the results you want in the safest manner.

Risks and potential complications of Mommy Makeover include the following:

  • skin breakdown or delayed wound healing
  • bleeding or hematoma formation
  • blood clots and pulmonary embolus
  • fat necrosis
  • infection
  • unfavorable scarring
  • partial or complete loss of umbilicus (belly button)
  • anesthesia risks
  • subobtimal aesthetic contour of abdominal wall
  • seroma formation
  • changes in skin sensation
  • recurrence of excess skin if weight fluctuations or pregnancy or as continued aging
  • asymmetry in breast size or shape
  • capsular contracture
  • implant infection
  • implant rupture
  • wrinkling/rippling of skin overlying implant
  • changes in sensation
  • partial or complete loss of nipple
  • need for further surgery

During the preoperative consultation, these potential risks will be discussed with you in detail. Should you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed. Dr. Walker is dedicated to the education of his patients, and he will help you understand the risks, benefits and potential alternatives of a Mommy Makeover. 

Dr. Walker’s take on Mommy Makeovers:

Congratulations on being Mommy! Being a father of two children, I know the joys children bring to our lives. I also understand the great sacrifices and the toll it takes on the woman’s body. I also know the effects on daddy’s body while being around mommy during pregnancy…….Daddy makeover coming soon! Ok, back to you mommies out there.

Pregnancy affects the mother’s body in multiple ways, and it may differ from one mommy to the next. It may affect some more than others. It may affect certain body parts more than others. My goal is to listen to your concerns and your goals and develop an operative plan so you can achieve the body contour you desire and restore your body to its pre-pregnancy appearance.

Becoming a mother is filled with joy, but it is also filled with emotional and sometimes financial stress. You focus your time, your effort and your money to your family. It is important to not forget about yourself. A Mommy Makeover is the most deserved cosmetic operation available. If you feel like a Mommy Makeover is for you, call to schedule your appointment with me today. I will get you where you want to be. After all, you deserve it Mommy!


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at allure plastics

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Walker. He by far does superior work to anyone else I have ever used. As a woman in my 40s I wanted to look younger but natural. Dr. Walker did an excellent job helping me achieve the look I wanted. He is the best!!!!

– Tammy / Union, MS

*Individual results may vary person to person.