New Laser Facial Rejuvenation System, Hair Removal and Skin Tightening Platform – Only at Allure!

Whether your concerns are pigmentation issues, fine or deep lines/wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, loose skin or if you just want a new glow, we can do it! Our new laser rejuvenation system offers you a range of treatment options.  Pictured below is our Sciton Joule platform that offers the following treatments and more!

Halo Hybrid Laser treatment: Dramatic results with minimal downtime.  This uses 2 lasers through a single handpiece that can give you the results of aggressive laser treatments with way less downtime when compared to other fractional lasers.  You can wear makeup after 24 hours and go about your life.  Redness and swelling gone by day 5 on average.  No longer do you need 7-10 days of looking like you went bobbing for french fries followed by weeks to months of redness!  This treatment is excellent for pigmentation problems, uneven skin tone, large pore size and fine lines and wrinkles.  The only Halo laser in the state of Mississippi is at Allure Plastics!  For more information visit

Contour TRL/Profractional:  With this portion of the laser platform, we can adjust settings to address your individual goals and tolerance for downtime.  From a mild Nanolaser Peel (weekend peel) to give you a glow and smoother skin to the more aggressive full-field facial resurfacing for deep wrinkles and pigment, we can help you achieve your goals with skin rejuvenation. For more information visit

Sciton BBL - Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Forever Young BBL: Using broad band light, we can not only treat the browns and reds you see in the mirror, but can actually reverse the skin aging process.  A study by Stanford University showed that gene transcription can be altered with regular treatments over time.  The individuals in their studied appeared younger 10-12 years later than they did 10-12 years before.  This is the closest we have to a fountain of youth, making aged skin behave like more youthful skin again!  For more information visit

Forever Bare BBL: Again using broad band light with different filters and settings, we can target hair a provide permanent hair reduction.  This is a safe, comfortable, effective treatment for those desiring hair removal.  For more information visit

Skin Tyte II:  Non-invasive skin tightening has become popular across the country and the technology has greatly improved.  While results are not as dramatic as surgical removal of excess skin, you can achieve noticable improvement in the appearance of the loose skin.  This, like hair reduction, requires a series of 4-6 treatments and requires maintenance (2-3 times per year).  For more information visit

Individual results may vary.



2 thoughts on “New Laser Facial Rejuvenation System, Hair Removal and Skin Tightening Platform – Only at Allure!

  1. Suzanne

    Hi! I’m thinking about having skintyte on arms. Could u tell me how much a session is for elbow-up arms? Thank u

    1. W. Bryant Walker, MD

      Skin Tyte treatments are around 175-250 dollar per treatment, depending on the area being treated. You would need a series of 4-6 treatments for best results. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please call us at 769-300-2946.


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