Your guide to skin resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing Services in Jackson, MS

What is skin resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is a non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy (Erbium:YAG or CO2) to improve the quality of damaged skin by removing the superficial layer of skin and stimulating the deeper layers to produce and remodel collagen. This can be “full field” which treats 100% of the surface or fractional which treats a fraction of the skin resulting in quicker recovery.

How does skin resurfacing work?

The laser energy delivered safely removes a layer of skin to a depth determined by your physician. The depth of treatment will depend on the skin condition, your desired outcome and expectation for downtime. Treating skin with a laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, which improves the skin’s thickness and resilience. The skin surface will also re-grow with fresh, healthy cells, which will give your skin a younger rejuvenated appearance.

What conditions can be treated with skin resurfacing?

  • Fine lines to deeper wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Aged or sun-damaged skin
  • Liver spots
  • Improve your complexion
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Poor skin tone and texture

What areas of my body can be treated?

Most skin areas can be treated. Popular treatment areas are the face and neck, though some people also treat the chest and hands. At your consultation, we will discuss your individual concerns and develop a treatment plan suitable for you.

How many skin resurfacing treatments will I need?

Excellent results can be obtained in just one treatment, however the number of treatments needed may vary from patient to patient. The number of treatments required will also be